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Many of us seek therapy for relief from emotional distress or to manage some specific problem area in our lives.


But often, the problems that we encounter day by day are connected with something deeper.


The thread that connects daily living to the core of who we are is easily severed. When this happens, we can feel at odds with ourselves, disconnected, like we are just going through the motions.


Restoring the connections means regaining a sense of inner coherence. It means coming together with oneself, finding motivation, energy and purpose. Regaining the joy of living.


What is Psychotherapy?

Learning to manage the problems of daily life is a good beginning. But doing the “inner work” recovering the deeper connections is the more complete solution. For those who pursue it, it brings the promise of rewards that are lasting. Psychotherapy can help you through and get you reconnected.

An Interview with Dr. Jim on the Analytical Treatment of Depression


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