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Marriage Counseling


Searching for a relationship or marriage counselor can feel a bit like a game of roulette. Will the couples therapist help or discourage the relationship? Will professional marriage counseling make things better or worse?

I'm typically inclined to help couples work through their issues so that they can stay together. This can be achieved once the individuals, despite their own unique differences, learn to nourish their relationship by fostering their emotional bonds.


Unresolved conflict can be taken as a sign that a relationship should end. But working it through can create deeper bonding.


Admittedly, there may be a need in some cases to consider an alternative path. However, even in situations where ending the relationship seems the right choice, we approach it thoughtfully, with concern for least damage to all parties.


Still, what may seem impossible can begin to look hopeful when couples can exit the trap of negative interaction cycles. Working to change the interaction itself, rather than each other, puts the couple on a common platform from which things begin to look more hopeful. And this can be the start of a new way of being together.

Happy Couple After Marital Therapy
Newlyweds Holding Hands


Marriage is not just a ceremony, but an ongoing vow to grow and nurture a dynamic relationship throughout life. However, life's pressures and challenges can often lead a couple to feel discontented in their relationship.

Dr. Jim, the Relationship Repair Man, is here to lend a helping hand by offering expert marriage counseling. As a marital therapist, he assists couples in learning to comprehend the intricacies of their bond and guides them toward reviving the warmth, trust, intimacy, and joy that their relationship once had.


  • Communication                   

  • Conflict 

  • Trust

  • Infidelity

  • Building Back Intimacy

  • Feelings of Boredom or Being Stuck

  • Understanding the Dynamics of the ‘Honeymoon Period’

  • Non-Religious Premarital Counseling

  • Separation & Divorce

  • Co-Parenting

  • Blending Families

  • Addictions


Married partners have each invested a tremendous amount of time, experiences, and emotions into one another.  The goal of marriage counseling is to open up holistic communication to understand the differences between partners and to use the couple’s strengths to make the journey back to trust and happiness.


Our marriage counselor, Dr. Jim, brings a wealth of experience in assisting wedded couples. He facilitates open communication and mutual understanding, aligning the reality of their relationship with their individual and shared dreams and desires. A specialist in all stages of relationships, Dr. Jim also works as a premarital therapist and divorce counselor who helps partners resolve their issues regardless of where their relationship is at.


If you are asking this question, the answer is, “Now.” The sooner you address your problems and/or struggles, the more likely you are to find an agreeable solution. Get started: make your goals, determine the next step, and start making progress. Don’t wait until there is too much damage and alienation. Be sure to go in with an open mind, you are not going to marriage counseling to control the other person or to get the therapist to take your side. Keep your mindset on making progress. 


Even if you end up splitting up in the end, Dr. Jim, as your marriage counselor, will be there to help you make peace with it.

Bride & Groom Getting Married After Non-Religious Premarital Therapy Sessions


Male & Female Spouses Happy With Their Marriage

Helps to Refocus You

on Your Relationship


Marriage counseling will force you to step outside of your life for the session and focus you 100% on your relationship. With your marital therapist as a mediator, they will provide you with the guidance you need to communicate more effectively in a manner that does not aim to hurt one another. Effective communication is key to a successful relationship and your therapist is there to help you focus on what is most important. A marriage counseling environment will encourage open-ended communication and conversation and will get you to really focus on the two of you so you can escape whatever pattern is hurting your relationship.

Young Couple Discussing Concerns During Pre-Marital Therapy

Face Your Fears and Begin to Acknowledge Underlying Issues


If you find you are having the same arguments over and over, it is time to get past the surface level of these issues and really dive in to discover the real problem. Repetitive arguments are often symptoms of and underlying issue related to fear. Surface-level issues are usually things such as finances, sex., and parenting techniques but when you really get down to it, these arguments are often caused by underlying needs that have gone unmet and past emotional injuries. A marriage therapist can assist you with discovering these fears and fixing them in a healthy way.

Happy Older Couple Enjoying Their Relationship After Marital Therapy

Deepen the Intimacy and Connection Between You and Your Partner


Oftentimes, your relationship is plagued with distractions such as work, your kids, errands, etc. Having meaningful conversations that contribute to your growth may diminish due to simple lack of time as you lose focus on your relationship. Committing to marriage counseling will give you and your partner a dedicated time and space to deepen and grow your relationship. Having this set time commitment will also hold you accountable, putting this positive change into practice on a regular basis.

Relationship Toolkit


Still Have Marriage Counseling Questions? Don't Hestitate to Get In Touch.

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