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Counseling Services for Adults and Adolescents

As a firm believer in staying committed to one another, growing old together, and forming lasting bonds, we are happy to assist you with our couples therapy sessions. You can also receive treatment as an individual for sexual addictions, impulsive behaviors, and more.

Helping You to Work Through Your Relationship Issues


Your relationship doesn't have to end just because it's in turmoil. Learn how to eradicate negative interaction cycles so that you can begin to bond with your partner once again. My couple's therapy and marriage counseling in Columbus, OH has helped many couples through troubled times. Don't delay, get in touch today.

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Combat Addictions


Face compulsion, addiction, and impulsive behaviors head-on when you visit us today. You'll learn to battle your fears with the help of our professional team, as well as gain access to support groups consisting of people who are in the same situations as you.

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Adjust Sexual Behaviors​


Everyone has a dark side, and sometimes those particular traits break through to the surface. When sexual behaviors become too much to handle, our team will work with you to accept these behaviors and eradicate them, instead of simply suppressing them.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Therapy?

  1. Maximize Your Time - Consider arriving a bit early to allow yourself some moments of mental preparation before the session. Once the session has started, ignore the time and fully engage in the process.

  2. Implement Your Learnings - Between the sessions, try to utilize the insights gained in your daily life. Be observant of the transformations you're making and aim to make further.

  3. Maintain a Journal - Document your thoughts and emotions without pressuring yourself to write extensively. Just jot down your sentiments and cognitions as they occur. It could be beneficial to refer to this in your subsequent session.

  4. Embrace Transparency and Honesty - Avoid repressing your emotions or queries. Always articulate your feelings. Don't hesitate to experiment with new approaches and freely voice your thoughts, no matter how unrelated they may seem.

  5. Adopt a Proactive Approach - Understand that your therapist is there to help you discover your own answers, not to provide them to you.

  6. Prepare for Change - Acknowledge that successful therapy may necessitate certain changes on your part. Rest assured, your therapist is there to support you through these transformations.

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