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Warning signs of a failing marriage

Marriages can be complicated, and they take a lot of communication, trust, and love to be successful. If you are currently in a marriage that you are not happy in and want to resolve it before considering divorce or separation, it's important to note any warning signs your marriage is not working. When you know the signs of marital issues, you can discuss them with an unbiased marriage counselor. Whether you suspect that someone is having an affair, or you are experiencing financial distress, or you lack intimacy, these are all things that can potentially be worked on to improve. Over time, it can be challenging to navigate these issues on your own, and it can be confusing to both you and your partner. Below are a few of the top signs that your marriage is in trouble:

  • You keep secrets

  • One of you is considering an affair

  • Your spouse is not the first person you call when there is trouble

  • You do not enjoy the quality time together

  • There is no trust in the relationship at this point

  • Consistent criticism from both parties

  • You argue consistently over various topics

  • There is no more intimacy


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