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Signs of a healthy marriage

What is a healthy marriage? Do you often wonder if you have a good, healthy marriage? Marriage is not easy, and it takes work to succeed, earn trust, and grow throughout your marriage. When two people nourish each other with positivity and trust and have good intentions, they have the recipe for a good partnership. If you are committed to working on your marriage and take steps to grow with your partner, you have a higher chance of succeeding within your marriage. Each marriage is different, but generally, there are common themes that make a marriage successful. Below, we break down some of the common signs of a healthy marriage.

  • You have healthy boundaries

  • You both communicate effectively

  • There is trust in your relationship

  • Intimacy is meaningful

  • You feel your partner has your back

  • You spend quality time together

  • You laugh with each other

  • You have respect for each other


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