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Signs it's time to see a marriage counselor

Are you and your spouse having issues in your marriage? If so, and it's getting to the point where things are getting worse, and you are unable to solve issues on your own, it may be beneficial to seek an unbiased professional that can help you work through your issues. A marriage counselor can provide a safe, open environment for you to confront any issues that have come up in your marriage. From communication issues to infidelity, finances, or more, there are many things that can put a strain on a marriage. Below, we break down the top 3 signs it's time to see a marriage counselor to try to salvage your marriage.

3 immediate signs it's time to talk with a marriage counselor

1) Infidelity

Cheating or infidelity is often one of the main culprits of issues within a marriage. It can be difficult to overcome a betrayal in your marriage, and a counselor may help you work through things to find a solution. As infidelity is a violation of trust, it can be hard to establish that feeling of trust again. Both parties have to be open to working on their issues for the marriage to survive and be healthy. Infidelity is not encouraged, and marriage counselors get to the bottom of why the person cheated to get to the root of the problem.

2) Arguing about finances

Having issues and arguing about finances is a major sign of trouble in a marriage. If you and your spouse are often arguing about spending habits or hiding your spending, a marriage counselor can help. A financial issue can be difficult cause there are many factors involved, but it is a problem that can be solved with a greater understanding and a motivation to resolve it.

3) Your marriage lacks intimacy

It's normal for marriages to struggle in this department, especially after the honeymoon phase. If you find that there is no intimacy at all, it's time to speak with a marriage counselor to help ignite that initial spark.


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