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How to reconnect with your spouse after drifting apart

Sometimes in a marriage, happy couples can drift apart over time. It's normal and can be due to many different factors, such as business with work, school, family matters, or more. You and your spouse might both be incredibly busy people, which is okay. Part of what you love about each other is each other's drive and ambition. If you and your spouse still love each other but find that you are more distant than ever, a marriage counselor can assist you. It's completely normal to become wrapped up in other endeavors. You can repair the damage of your marriage and reconnect again with love, attention, and effort.

Ways you can reconnect

1) Clarify your needs

The first step to reconnecting is discussing some of your needs with your spouse. If you are feeling sad, lonely, or frustrated with the lack of interaction, you can have that discussion with your partner so you can begin to grow and make an effort to fix the situation. There needs to be consistent, open, and honest communication between you and your spouse for a marriage to work. By taking this initial step, you can come to a common ground and agree to make proactive efforts to reconnect.

2) Make an effort

It's essential for both parties in the marriage to make an effort to reconnect. When both spouses are in agreement, it makes it easier for you to work as a team to reconnect and strengthen the bond of your marriage. You can make an effort by trying to communicate more, assisting your partner with tasks, being more affectionate, and actions of that nature. If you both work together to make an effort, you can reignite that spark you once had and feel more optimistic about your marriage as a whole.

3) Listen

To be able to reconnect, listening to your partner truly can help drastically. It's essential that your spouse's feelings are validated, and they feel that you are actively listening to their needs. It can be very lonely to feel as if your partner is not listening to you, which can cause the distance between the two of you to grow more and more. By listening and taking action, you can save your marriage and ensure that it leads to a healthy path.


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