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7 Problems a Marriage Counselor Can Help You With

There are many reasons that couples seek marriage counseling but there are several common themes that marriage counselors help couples with on a regular basis. Here is a list of seven these common problems that couples face in their marriage and bring to a marriage counselor:

1. Second Marriages and Blending Two Families into One

There is no surprise that once someone has been through a divorce, they are often extra cautious and nervous about approaching remarriage. Seeing the divorce rates for second marriages confirm that this is rightfully so. Bringing children into the mix, from one or both sides, only makes it even more complicated. How will they feel about having a new step parent? Are they ready for this transition? Are YOU ready for this transition? Going to a marriage counselor can help these couples to make a smoother transition into the remarriage and can ease the nerves and the tension they may cause.

2. Major Lifestyle Changes

Major changes in the life of a marriage can have a serious impact on a couple. These types of changes are things like relocating (maybe for a new job or to a more affordable home), accepting a new career, having your first (or second, or third!) child, et cetera. A marriage counselor is there to help couples work through their expectations and maintain a smooth transition into the couples' new life.

3. Problems with the In-Laws

Sometimes, In-laws can have an impact on a marriage, from being a simple nuisance to completely destroying it. It is important to set healthy boundaries between your relationship and those relationships with each other's families. Easier said than done? You are right. A marriage counselor can help you work through this and teach you methods on how to set these boundaries.

4. Troubles with Grief or Getting Through Especially Tough Times

Grief comes in many forms and each person will handle grief differently. If you are finding yourself at a loss as to how to help your partner through a grieving period, seeing a marriage counselor may be the answer. A marriage counselor can work together with the couple to get through grief issues as a unit rather than allowing the grief to pull them apart.

5. Mental Health Problems

Mental health issues can certainly impact an otherwise healthy relationship. If not dealt with properly, these types of problems will eventually begin to take its toll on the relationship. Going to marriage counseling together could be that step forward you both need to learn how to work together to treat and deal with mental illness.

6. Differences in Parenting Techniques

Differences in how a couple approaches parenting can quickly turn into a big issue. Disagreements on discipline strategies or parenting techniques can lead to a lot of conflict. Marriage counselors are there to help parents learning to work together rather than competing against one another with their parenting methods.

7. Not Feeling "In Love"

A lot of people also gravitate to a counselor when they feel they are growing apart and/or their relationship has grown stale. Depending on what each unit of the couple is willing to put into it, counseling can be a great way for them to turn things back around. A marriage counselor can teach strategies to create a renewed connection between the couple and show them how to rekindle their bond.


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