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Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapist, & Licensed Psychologist Dr. Fidelibus

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

James A. Fidelibus, Ph.D.

Psychologist James A. Fidelibus

I am passionate about relationships. I believe in family. Maybe it’s my Italian genes, or maybe it’s my sense of family values. For whatever reason, I care about helping relationships survive and thrive.


My training includes Gottman Method couple's therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. What you can expect is a structured approach in which we specify goals and work to build strong emotional alliances. I facilitate your interaction as a couple to lead you into a deeper understanding of each other first, and then move on to problem-solving and practical decision-making.


I have experience working with infidelityalcoholism and substance abuse, parenting issues, and a variety of emotional problems. But you won’t care what I know until you know that I care. And I do.


I care about relationships. However discouraging yours looks at the moment, let’s talk it over. Let’s consider things together. There may be more reason for hope than you think.

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Young Couple With a Healthy Relationship

Couples Therapy

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