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Marriage Counselor, Couples Therapist, & Licensed Psychologist Dr. Fidelibus

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

James A. Fidelibus, Ph.D.

Psychologist James A. Fidelibus

Perhaps it's my Italian heritage or my sense of family values, but I've always been passionate about the way we build and maintain relationships. Regardless of the why, I'm deeply committed to helping relationships flourish.

From the Gottman Method of couples therapy to Emotionally Focused Therapy, I've received advanced training in a variety of approaches and techniques.

In our sessions, you can expect a well-structured process where we set clear goals and work towards nurturing a strong emotional bond. I guide your interactions as a couple, aiming to deepen your understanding of one another prior to progressing to practical decision-making and conflict resolution.

Some of the most common areas of concern that I deal with and specialize in include infidelity, substance abuse, alcoholism, parenting challenges, and emotional issues. However, you won’t care what I know until you know that I care. And I promise, I do.

Simply put, I'm passionate about relationships. No matter how bleak your situation appears to be, I invite you to discuss it with me. Let's explore possibilities together. You might find there's more reason for optimism than you initially thought.

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