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Questions to ask during marriage counseling

In order to make the most of your marriage counseling questions, it's best to have a list of questions ready so that you can openly discuss your concerns. Marriage counseling provides a safe, neutral space for you to address any shortcomings in your marriage and receive advice so that you can grow. By working together, you can openly communicate and reconnect, making your issues out in the open. Marriage counseling takes a lot of courage, and your therapist will give you the tools and prompts needed to have a productive discussion. Below, we break down a few top questions you should discuss in a session with your marriage counselor.

Top 5 questions to ask during a marriage counseling session

1) What are the biggest problems in our marriage?

The first step is to take a glimpse into your marriage and identify some of the areas that are holding you back. Whether it be financial issues, lack of trust, communication, infidelity, or other issues, it's essential to address them so you can begin a path to healing. By considering both parties' opinions, you can come together to provide solutions.

2) Do you trust me?

Trust is an integral component of a relationship. If there is no trust in a marriage, especially, it's challenging to continue to grow. There are several things that can break trust in a marriage, and it's essential to identify them so you can work on earning each other's trust if it's not there.

3) When did the problems start?

One question that can help open up the discussion is determining when things started going downhill in your marriage. By figuring out a timeline, you can see if any other factors contributed to any issues and see how many months or years there have been underlying issues.

4) What are some positives of our marriage?

In a session, it's essential to bring up some of the positive aspects of your relationship. By bringing to light some of the good things, you can be reminded that love is still there, and there is something to work towards in the end. This also gives an opportunity to boost each other up and show appreciation for each other, which can strengthen your bond.

5) What can I do to make our marriage better?

One of the most important questions to ask is how you can make a marriage better. It ensures that both people are accountable for their actions and contributing to making things work. If you and your spouse can come up with suggestions on what would make each other happier, you can utilize that information and put it to action. Your therapist can help you navigate these questions.


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