James A. Fidelibus, PhD LICDC

Gottman Method – Emotionally Focused Therapy

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With over 30 years of experience,  James A Fidelibus, Ph.D., LICDC strives to

ensure that your relationship thrives.

Utilizing methods such as emotionally focused therapy, your interaction as a couple

will aid in restructuring

your relationship.

No matter how hopeless your relationship may seem, we

will help you work through

your issues and rekindle that

lost spark.

If you're dealing with infidelity, substance abuse, or other issues, allow us to assist with getting your relationship back

on track.

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James A. Fidelibus, Ph.D., LICDC

Licensed Psychologist – Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor


I am passionate about relationships. I believe in family. Maybe it’s my Italian genes, or maybe it’s my sense of family values. Or perhaps it’s my own marriage of 30+ years. For whatever reason, I care about helping relationships survive and thrive.


My training includes Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. What you can expect is a structured approach in which we specify goals and work to build strong emotional alliances. I facilitate your interaction as a couple to lead you into a deeper understanding of each other first, and then move on to problem-solving and practical decision-making.


I have experience working with infidelity, alcoholism and substance abuse, parenting issues, and a variety of emotional problems. But you won’t care what I know until you know that I care. And I do.


I care about relationships. However discouraging yours looks at the moment, let’s talk it over. Let’s consider things together. There may be more reason for hope than you think.

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Gottman Method

Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Relationship Repairman